Hard Seltzer

A new trend – make sure you stand out from the crowd

At ODB Beverages, we have been investing heavily since 2019 in the development of various hard seltzer recipes and we have successfully made gluten-free seltzers with low calorie percentages and distinctive flavours. Hard seltzers are an upcoming category in the spirits business and have become one of the fastest growing markets. They are not only popular in the US but are also showing significant growth in Europe and Asia. We offer over 20 flavours made from high quality syrups or Esprits without any artificial additives.

We are able to produce in 250 ml and 330 ml cans starting with an MOQ of 30,000 cans which can be sleeved or spray decorated. We are one of the few packaging companies to also offer glass bottle solutions for hard seltzer.

Are you at legal drinking age?