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Concentrates & High strength spirits

We call this our "library of flavours".


We have developed over 100 flavours in our distillery, which we distil from fresh fruits, botanicals, flowers and plant roots. We call them esprits, and we can supply them in various strengths.

– Gin esprits at 75% (just add water and alcohol).
– High strength gins and other spirits (just add water)
– Esprits for the beer industry. Give your craft beer a unique flavour.
– Flavours for rum blending (spiced rums and flavoured rums)
– Flavours for whiskey (flavoured and spiced whiskey)


We offer a wide range of concentrates, including whiskey, brandy and rum concentrates. We can supply all our esprits and concentrates, including on-site production support, anywhere in the world.

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